Whittingtons Tea Barge

About Whittingtons

Whittington’s is a modern, light and airy wide beam canal barge, built in 2012 and moored on the Thames in central Reading, just alongside Christchurch Meadows.

Created and run by Andrew and Lesley, Whittington’s sets out to recreate the traditional feel and values of an English tea room, in relaxed surroundings on the water.

Tea rooms are our heritage, and while they may have vanished from the high street, as the big coffee house chains have taken over, the Whittington’s team is on a mission to keep the British tea room alive – with a modern twist.

Andrew is a keen cook, with a passion for creating delicious meals using fresh, wholesome ingredients and supporting local suppliers whenever possible.

Lesley is a professional singer, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music. Today she combines teaching with running Whittington’s, and some of her students form the waiting staff on the barge – so don’t be surprised if they burst into song!  http://lesleybanks.webs.com/